Sweet Cakes - A delicious Work of Art
Decadent Chocolate: chocolate mousse, raspberry fruit or rasp. mousse filling
White Chocolate Raspberry: with a raspberry fruit and chocolate mousse filling
Lemon: lemon curd and lemon mousseline, or raspberry filling
Strawberry: filled with fresh whipped cream and strawberries
Peach: filled with fresh whipped cream and peaches
Peach Melba: filled with raspberry fruit, fresh whipped cream, and fresh peaches
Mandarin Orange: fresh whipped cream and pineapple filling
Orange Almond: grand marnier cream cheese filling
Almond: raspberry fruit and fresh whipped cream filling
Coconut Pecan: chocolate mousse filling
Pineapple: coconut cream cheese filling
Pumpkin Spice: cream cheese filling
Apple Spice: sautéed apples and cream cheese filling
Chocolate Chip: cookies and cream or chocolate mousse filling
Coconut: raspberry or lemon filling
Carrot: with a cream cheese filling
Hazelnut: chocolate sour cream filling
Vanilla: with any filling
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